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As the oldest running hotel in the most storied metropolis in the world dating back to as early as 1805, with it's 100 guest rooms Sohotel has an undoubtedly rich and varied history.

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Living it up on Bowery


Since the founding of our country, The Bowery's reputation has ran the gamut, serving as a home to opulent amphitheaters and lavish mansions in times of prosperity, and brothels and flophouses during periods of economic stagnation. When social reform was present, the Bowery housed a multitude of music halls and was the site of the first YMCA, which opened in 1873.  However, its periods of notoriety have been known to attract even more attention from the historically minded.  The infamous Bowery Boys, one of New York's earliest street gangs and one of the subjects of the film Gangs of New York, called the neighborhood home as social unrest grew during the Civil War period. When operating as the Occidental, the hotel served as the headquarters for the famed rogue politician, Big Tim Sullivan, where despite his dubious affiliations, was known to throw lavish banquets here while dining in the company of star athletes and powerful political figures. Other famous politicians that were known to frequent the hotel include John L. Sullivan, Gentleman Jim Corbet, Pat Forley, and William Waldorf Astor (the man for whom the "Waldorf Astoria" is named).


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Explore the area

Stroll. Shop. Eat. Repeat

Make sure your phone is charged before strolling the streets of The Bowery. You're sure to get snap-happy while exploring the photogenic diva. Loved by locals, Bowery is where you can snap a selfie in front of the legendary CBGB, splurge on designer shoes, then grab a health conscious lunch at a number of amazing eateries.

The best part... It's all a few blocks from Sohotel. 

Here's more to explore when you visit us on The Bowery.

More than just a hotel.

Our Hotel

Sohotel is more than just a hotel– it's a neighborhood, and any good neighborhood comes with great amenities for the locals. When we launched Sohotel, we handpicked these fine establishments to join our community.


Craft Beer Restaurant & Bar


Channeling cross-country Americana, the 60-seat tavern is outfitted with Ford Model T headlights and reclaimed materials from all over the map—booths and tables were constructed from a 50-foot oak tree from Maine, planks from a 100-year-old Kentucky tobacco barn form the bar, and Dumbo sidewalk pavers cover the bar top. Brewhounds can choose 36 craft drafts pulled from 48 tap lines, which were custom-built to serve different styles of beer at their ideal temperature.

Fresh Organic Italian Restaurant


Piacere is an authentic Italian restaurant and wine bar. Throughout the day, they serve thin-crust pizzas baked in a brick oven, organic Italian specialties, home-made pasta and an interesting selection of Italian wines.

Treat yourself to an authentic Italian dinner in the heart of Bowery and enjoy organic produce, top-quality ingredients, organic wines and gluten-free pasta.



This friendly and discreet cocktail bar, very popular among the locals, offers a relaxed and very welcoming atmosphere with top-quality service.

Serving high-quality food, all-day breakfast, snacks and mains the Randolph at Broome is the perfect place to grab a bite in a friendly atmosphere. Enjoy this European style café, decorated with old bric-a-brac and fans.

Lounge / Studio

E&C Studio

E&C Studio is a lounge set as a 1970's recording studio, that pays homage to the history of music.

Designed for NYC's creative community whether it be live showcases, album listening events as well as a club lounge.


esther & Carol

American Comfort Classics with a twist of health

Esther & Carol offers an elevated take on the traditional American bistro with an upscale and upbeat ambiance.  The new venue promises clean responsible cooking with a menu highlighting quality ingredients and dishes for all dietary needs