Sohotel is happy to announce the opening of our new restaurant Casa Bocado and Lounge Escondido. Executive chef Ivy Stark, formally of Dos Caminos and El Toro Blanco, is in the kitchen and happy to announce the restaurant opening.

“PRIVATE pOLICY is a New York based GENDER LESS brand, dedicated to the New York rebellious style and fierce spirit by focusing on one social political topic each season; such as bringing awareness to enslaved fisherman issue ss17 COLLECTION, discussing the twisted american dream ss18, and breaking stereotypes on asians in ss19. we believe fashion is not just a pretty thing, it is, more importantly, our media to inspire people. private policy is modeled after news outlets, we research and reflect what is overbooked in our society, when we present our findings and insights through the collections at live events or online, there will be discussion started and AWARENESS raised. we design for people who heart fashion and mind the world.”


345 Broome Street
New York, NY