“Rouje is a brand for girls who apply lipstick with their fingers, who end up barefoot at midnight for having danced too much, who ride up their skirt to let the sun kiss their legs en terrasse, who eat French fries and drink red wine, who are not afraid of low necklines and oversized jackets, who wear dress on bicycles and jeans at parties, who cherish beautiful prints and rummage through their grandma’s wardrobe.

Launched in april 2016, Rouje is the brand of sunny cuts, embraced waists and inspired prints. A firmly feminine state of mind and pieces tailored to enhance your silhouette so it turns everyone’s head. And, most of all, a brand for women made by women, which combines spontaneity and savoir-faire : there is Jeanne Damas, of course, who’s the heart and eye of the brand. But also a whole team of creative and gifted friends who know how to turn her inspirations and intuitions into clothes and collections.

Rouje is the parisian carelessness, the feminine chic, the retro charm and the one of a kind look. Essential, breezy, timeless and stunning clothes. Especially on you.”

345 Broome Street

New York, NY