Our Hotel

Sohotel is a neighborhood, and any good neighborhood comes with great amenities for the locals. When we launched Sohotel, we handpicked these fine establishments to join our community.


Craft Beer Restaurant & Bar


Channeling cross-country Americana, the 60-seat tavern is outfitted with Ford Model T headlights and reclaimed materials from all over the map—booths and tables were constructed from a 50-foot oak tree from Maine, planks from a 100-year-old Kentucky tobacco barn form the bar, and Dumbo sidewalk pavers cover the bar top. Brewhounds can choose 36 craft drafts pulled from 48 tap lines, which were custom-built to serve different styles of beer at their ideal temperature.

Fresh Organic Italian Restaurant


Piacere is an authentic Italian restaurant and wine bar. Throughout the day, they serve thin-crust pizzas baked in a brick oven, organic Italian specialties, home-made pasta and an interesting selection of Italian wines.

Treat yourself to an authentic Italian dinner in the heart of Bowery and enjoy organic produce, top-quality ingredients, organic wines and gluten-free pasta.


The Garett Nolita

This friendly and discreet cocktail bar, very popular among the locals, offers a relaxed and very welcoming atmosphere with top-quality service.

Serving high-quality food, all-day breakfast, snacks and mains the Randolph at Broome is the perfect place to grab a bite in a friendly atmosphere. Enjoy this European style café, decorated with old bric-a-brac and fans.

Lounge / Studio

E&C Studio

E&C Studio is a lounge set as a 1970's recording studio, that pays homage to the history of music.

Designed for NYC's creative community whether it be live showcases, album listening events as well as a club lounge.


esther & Carol

American Comfort Classics with a twist of health

Esther & Carol offers an elevated take on the traditional American bistro with an upscale and upbeat ambiance.  The new venue promises clean responsible cooking with a menu highlighting quality ingredients and dishes for all dietary needs